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Suggestions for future versions

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1. I hope to increase the background music. The Champions League opening music, major league theme songs, football music, etc. I know this will involve copyright. But now FM music is a bit too monotonous, isn’t it?

2. Increase on-site commentary and substitute atmosphere

3. Increase the awards ceremony after winning the championship. The scene of the cruise tour should be well modified. Otherwise, it will be easy to get the champion and sprinkle a piece of paper. It’s too simple to have a sense of accomplishment. The trophy is also good, even if you make a texture close-up. Ah, you can set the parade after winning the championship to increase the reputation of the team. It is recommended to increase the trophy showroom to see the best lineup and highlights of each season.

4. Enrich the selection of offensive routines. Now only the sidewalks are plugged in with the ribs, and the middle pass is cut.

5. I hope that I can re-optimize the interface to increase the font size.
6.Sponsors can choose for themselves or see who sponsors us.

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