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New Position Retraining

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In real life, lots of players are often utilised in new positions that Football Manager doesn't think they could ever be re-trained to play as:


- Zinchenko and Delph becoming Left Back's

- Lahm becoming a world class DM

- Silva and De Bruyne becoming central midfielders (from CAM / Wingers)

- Mandzukic becoming a great wide Target Man

- Deulofeu becoming an effective striker 


It would be great to be able to re-train players to new positions if they have existing attributes that match these positions

E.g. Lucas Digne / Leighton Baines - In real life, they both have great composure, technique, vision, passing - all attributes that could easily allow them to be retrained as a central / defensive midfield playmaker. 

Eg. Tom Davies - In real life lacks technical stats, but has good defensive mental stats (anticipation, positioning, workrate, teamwork etc). Based on his best mental attributes, he could be retrained as a holding midfield player rather than BTB Midfielder. 

(Obviously not retraining Messi to become a Centre Back as his attributes don't match that of a great CB, but his attributes may match those of an advanced playmaker for example). 


Timeframe wise as well, currently it takes too long for a player to be retrained, and often the end result is ineffective if they are not already at "Accomplished". This could be accelerated by training, match practice, training intensity etc and individual work on those attributes necessary for the role. 


You could even add some interaction with the player on convincing them of the new role to begin with, saying this is where you see their best position, convincing them when they complain about it during training. You could even add fan interaction to it, frustration that they feel the player is being utilised incorrectly. 

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