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Player specific job to their roles

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I've come across every FM game recently and found each role is "balanced" for their duty of their roles. However if you had an option to be more specific such as being much more direct/running at players/being a technical player or dribbler oppose to being the creative/riskier passes/ finding gaps between the lines to playmake. A person has recently said locked instructions for IF's all contain risky passes and being someone who is more of a runner likes of martial with poor passing and vision it would seem easier to lose the ball regardless of the way you play at times. 

I have had some feedback from the SI saying the type of player has a huge decision of how he is on the field except I don't feel this is fully correct nor backed with evidence enough to prove it does for example a creative RW being creative but scores more than assists or has fewer key passes than what you expect them to have. 

Wingers/Inside forwards sub heading

  • Having a subheading of being "direct" or runners (beyond the defensive line or playing deeper in line with the support/attack role duties)
  • Subheading of the crossing type 
  • A balanced option for players who can do both run and cross so attributes like pace, accel, crossing, dribbling are high enough for the player to decide what to do and have both take part.

I know it's a bit much but I think if it was more specific I believe it would be more helpful for players to use these sub roles to specifically use what type of player they want to see.

CM roles and others

  • Playmakers can be dribblers/runners a bit like pogba, frenkie de jong etc. OR/AND threading passes/controlling from deeper areas rather than getting too high. 
  • BBM- Be physical type players OR/AND technical type that does the roaming and defending much like a deeplying but also getting involved higher up
  • fullbacks/wingbacks- In line with their attributes if their crossing stats are poor then they should be/are runners who get to the byline or even stay as a wide option (example luke shaw) OR/AND crossers with good crossing abilities (Dalot) AND a balanced option that can do both ( Marcelo, robertson, telles etc.) 

I know they coincide with traits but having these as sub heading roles can push those extra locked instructions to certain roles rather than changing locked ones in each FM. It can also spread the traits to be more specific too, for example getting rid of "tries killer balls often", "run through the middle" etc. as the role states it and allows stuff like "Playing one-twos, Skill moves, likes to switch flanks" to be more apparent. 

This is a suggestion for the future like fm23+ rather than close as the roles themselves need to be perfected before tweaking such things. Thanks for reading. 

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