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It is a cosmetic addition that I am proposing. Say you look into competition winners and you see the past winners. On the text version you can only see who won the most. But you cannot see if there are more than 1 teams with the same amount of trophies. You cannot see which was the 1st and which was the 4th trophy etc of each team. You need to go back and forth on a lot of clubs to see the history of a competition and if it's rich enough, you'll have to write things or search on wikipedia. Also in some cases like Argentina it is very hard to understand the real winners table because they split the leagues into three and you also have to add them up to find the proper amount from the club history tab. 

Shouldn't it be possible to have a feature where it would say, perhaps in brackets, the number of which trophy that was?

So 2015-16: Leicester (1)

2016-17: Chelsea (6)

2017-18: Man City (5)


The same pattern could follow for runners up and third placed teams when applicable. 

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