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FM19 - Players keep changing training schedule?

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On 10/06/2019 at 14:35, crusadertsar said:

No it is still a problem. My players are still losing their individual training and my game is fully up to date on steam. I think what happened was that it was fixed but then it was broken by another update. It is so frustrating. I realized that my players were losing attributes because they were not really training in their position, or any other specific training, for 3 months.

This issue will not cause players to lose attributes. Individual training helps to define how a player develops not if they develop.

My apologies to those of you here that have encountered this issue, it is something we have identified and have under review internally. Unfortunately some issues are not able to be resolved and updated during a single release cycle.

In my own save I have set up a weekly note, sent to my Inbox, that reminds me to check and amend individual training. I have this sent on a Tuesday as the issues occurs when a player starts a match in a position that is not natural to them and that they are not training. Tuesday being a good day to, on average, catch instances of this just after they may have occurred. Switching to the "List" view on the 'Training > Individual' page aids this process.

Could I please encourage the use of the General Discussion area and the Feedback thread for this discussion, keeping this area solely for the reporting of bugs. I ask this as when we sweep for potential issues and updates, the more non-relevant information there is the more likely it is that something relevant will be missed. This thread itself is already getting to a point that documenting actual instances of this issue occurring becomes imprecise.


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