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MadScientests 0304 database, with real fixtures/results

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I've added the real fixtures (and results for anybody interested) for the Premier League and Division 1 to the mad scientists amazing database.

Also tweaked various other things with those 2 leagues aswell, such as stadiums.. Coventry at Highfield Road, Rotherham at Millmoor, Cardiff at Ninian Park, Fulham at Loftus Road, Brighton at the Withdean (all with future stadium moves set)

I have also edited all Premier League and Championship teams to have the average attendance that they had that season. Stoke down to 14k average instead of 20k+.. etc. Editied the previous League positions too, to match where teams had finished 2002/03. Like Wimbledon is showing their previous season position was in the Premier League.. when they had really finished 10th in the Championship the season before.

Removed certain hated players from teams too, for example.. Carlos Tevez will not join Man Utd due to them hating him on the original mad scientist database. But as this is the 2003/04 season.. I've removed him from Man Utd's disliked list. 








All the credit goes to the Mad scientist, he made this amazing database I've only tweaked it.




Place the 2 fmf files in Documents/SportsInteractive/FootballManager2019/EditorData


If you want to start at the end of the season with real results, then keep the 'Custom Start Date  -13 may 19' ticked. If you just want to start the season with the real fixtures, then untick it.

(You can start at any other date during the season, via editing the custom start date file in the editor and changing the start date) 




Also, you need to select database 19.1.0 Update from the drop down menu. The mad scientist made it for the original database, and it won't let you start up Brazil if you leave it as 19.3.0



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