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Hi all,

I’m looking to create a new tactic, something I always attempt with varying levels of succes but just wanted your opinion on the below. Not at my pc at the moment so hence the descriptions rather than photos!

I’m looking at creating an 4-5-1flat back foor attacking style of tactic which keeps the ball on the floor and moves it around forward and quickly, keeping the tempo up and pressing the opposition, 

Sweeper keeper - A

wing backs - A

Ball playing CB - D

Central Defender - D

Half Back

Box to Box Midfielder - S

Mezzala - A

Left Inside Forward - A

Right Winger - S


Attacking mentality, shorter passing, slightly higher defensive line, slightly higher line of engagement, look for overlaps, low crosses, counter press

thanks for reading, any suggestions?

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Are you managing Brighton? I also manage them, and know the team very well (first season). Along with other issues, this tactic is extremely risky for a team like Brighton. In fact, it would be risky even for much stronger teams. 


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46 minutes ago, matty_boy said:

Yep Brighton it is. I’ve had great success with them playing risky formations before. What would you do differently? 

I would do almost everything differently, but if you had success playing this way - then keep it up. I mean, why would you change a tactic that has worked well for you?

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Just now, matty_boy said:

I’ve never used this one, ones similar as adventurous but just wondered if this one would work as well in people’s opinions

Are you in the 1st season (with this current squad)? Or you have already played a couple of seasons and possibly strengthened the team with some new players? 

I can tell you how I basically play with my BHA, but it's very much different from what you want to achieve.

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2 minutes ago, matty_boy said:

yeah go for it, always nice to see people doing good things with the Albion 

Okay, so this is my primary tactic with BHA (btw, I got Origi on loan from LFC). It's 442, though I sometimes switch to a 4411:

PFsu     AF


(I)Wsu/at       RPM      CMde       IWsu


NFB/WBde     CDco   CD/NCBde     WBsu


Of course, some roles can vary depending on which players I use in a particular match.

TIs - Balanced mentality / slightly more direct passing, higher tempo, play wider, hit early crosses (and sometimes overlap right) / counter (and in tougher games regroup) / standard DL, lower LOE, use tighter marking (sometimes get stuck in; for tougher gamesless urgent pressing)

Players and PIs:

GK/SKde/su - Ryan - no PIs

DL/NFB/WBde - Bong or Bernardo - sit narrower

DR/WBsu - Montoya - cross more often (when I play Bruno, then he is usually FB on support)

DCL/CDco - Dunk - no PIs (or hold position sometimes)

DCR/CD/NCBde - Duffy - stay wider, take fewer risks

ML/Wsu/at - March - no PIs (or cross from byline sometimes, when he's on support duty)

MR/IWsu - Knockaert - take more risks (sometimes sit narrower or shoot more often)

MCL/RPM - Propper - no PIs (when I play Gros, then AP on support with the Roam from position PI)

MCR/CMde - Stephens or Kayal - dribble less

STCL/PFsu - Murray or Locadia - PIs can vary

STCR/AF - Origi -  shoot more often (sometimes stay wider)

More or less, that's it (though I of course tweak it when needed).

And yes - depending on the situation, I sometimes tell both CBs and CM on defend duty to close down less.


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