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Release clauses in FM19

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I feel like FM19 has updated transfer fees, but forgot about release clauses. 

When renegotiating an existing clause, the agent downplays the existing clause to ridiculous amounts. I am currently managing Barcelona. Arthus has a 400mil € clause, but when I negotiated a new contract, the agent didn't accept more than 150 mil. Same with Dembele: From 400 mil existing clause, he wants no more than 200 mil in the new contract. 

When buying a player and offering him a contract, the clauses they propose are always what they would ask 5 years ago. Signing a youngster for 40 mil, he proposes a clause for about 80 mil, which is ridiculous in today's market.

You can't lock huge clauses either, because it will make them instantly reject the proposal.

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I suspect this is one part of the game where they're balancing reality with the fact that it's still meant to be enjoyable.

If the AI was simply able to lock down every good player to release clauses worth hundreds of millions of pounds then you'd have floods of people on here complaining that they couldn't buy any really good players.

Also, in the entire history of the professional game only 8 players have been sold for more than £80m and only two of them, Dembele and Mbappe, could be reasonably described as youngsters at the time of the transfer.

Yes real football is definitely heading in the direction of transfers upwards of that value being common and yes we might well see a number of youngsters moving for those kind of fees in the next few years but at the moment they are still the exception rather than the rule.

Also, I've just signed new contracts with two 19 year olds in my team, both have been with me since day 1 when I was in League 1 and both have an £80m release clause in there. I would argue that already the game is being pretty damn unrealistic with release clauses but in the opposite direction to what you think it is!

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