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I would like to see more interactions with the board prior to budgets being set and being able to inform the board of potential targets. For example I am managing Manchester United and in the second season I was given £100 mil transfer budget, however the only player I wanted to attempt to sign was Harry Kane as I was happy with the rest of my squad. I would like to have been able to discuss this with the board but all that happens is your budget is dictated to you without any input from the manager (apart from what you expect to achieve!). In real life surely the manager will approach their respective board prior to budgets and make suggestion as to who they may have targeted to sign and the money that they are realistically going to need to make it happen.

I am not suggesting that you will go to the board and say I want Kane, Messi, Neymar and Mbappe and the board will say no problem here is £1 billion! But especially at elite clubs I think this would be considered. Even if it meant sacrificing a transfer budget for that 1 marquee signing. Possibly if agreed the board may attempt to sign the player on your behalf.


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