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So I'm currently managing Tre Penne (an amateur club in San Marino) and I can ask the board to turn the club semi-professional. But before I do that I just want to know what sort of impact turning the club semi-professional will have.

Would I see an increase in the clubs reputation at all? Is it a massive drain on finances (the clubs overall balance is £2.5m after a good run in the CL this season)? Also I know at semi-pro level you can offer part-time contracts and non-contracts but would I still be able to offer amateur contracts?



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I start with amateur clubs that turn part-time when we get promotion. It's a pain in the neck. Training doesn't increase so there's no benefit there. The big issue is finances. Now my situation is totally different to yours with CL income; I'm in Ireland or Scotland. But at amateur level you can release players from their 'contract' any time, so you can bring in players and ditch them if they don't work out. Part-time clubs operate differently, but exactly how depends on the league and the club, so you need to check your club and league screen rules. You might be able to offer non-contract terms - that means you pay to play but can release them at any time, but also they can leave in the same way. Your youths will still have youth contracts, but whether you can offer amateur forms depends on your specific situation.

But for me, getting promoted to level 10 with an increase in 5 spectators doesn't begin to cover the huge financial hit in doling out wages. Club rep - well in England it increases but that might be due to promotion. To what extent yours would I can't say. What difference would it make? Better players might be interested, but for a price, I'd have thought.

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