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[FM19] The Hart Chronicles - Volume IV: The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be!

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Dutch Cup




So far so good in the Dutch Cup. We have made it to the Quarter Final where we have a winnable tie with NAC Breda. 


Europa League




A bit of a shaky start as I sort of established what level we were truly at. I wasn't too worried after we won two on the trot against Club Brugge, then of course we absolutely annihilated Rosemborg at home, which was a surprise as they'd been a very good side in Norway. We lost the last game to Bordeaux which again shows our level, but we still topped the group anyway which is nice. 


Mainz in the next round, which again will be an interesting test of the sort of level we're at.  






A bad start to the season with a loss at Heerenveen, which was worrying, but we then went on a great run of 4 wins from 4 games which put us top of the league. 




A well fought, hugely satisfying win against champions AZ, but then we blew it and lost at De Graafschaaf. I was worried maybe we'd be inconsistent away, but our next two away games we won comfortably, including a 4-1 win against Zwolle which saw Leguizamon grab 4. 




3 more delicious wins, including good ones against strong PSV and Feyenoord, but then again, after fantastic results against top sides we go and lose to a crap one in Fortuna Sittard. Perhaps European football catching up with us. We did then beat Excelsior, which I thought was a Pokemon. 




A solid run of form to end the domestic year. 




I have actually moaned a bit about us dropping points/losing to crap sides, but they seem almost like nit-picks when you see how well we've done overall. Our wins against the top sides means we're top of the league, by 2 points, with a game in hand as well. 

It's been a brilliant start and without our owner putting in too much money yet. 

Plenty of football still to be played but it would take a bad run of form to put us out of the Top 2. 



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Bloody hell this new boss man isn't messing about. 

We currently have a 24,579 seater stadium, with 13,963 season ticket holders and average attendance of 23,989: 




This is a look at what the other clubs have: 




Be interesting to see if it gets approved what sort of level they go for. 

I think anything over 35K would be extremely ambitious but who knwos what they go for :D 


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The January window saw us take in £12M+ 


Chimson Kalu was a back-up player not playing, so I was surprised anyone was willing to offer the sort of money that several teams did, he eventually chose Celtic. 

Brian van der Linden was brilliant last season but picked up a nasty major injury and has barely played all season. West Ham came in with a tasty bid and I chose to take it as Steven van Zanten is better and younger anyway. 

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End of Season Update


Dutch Cup




A disappointing Quarter Final exit. 


Europa League




A couple of edgy games against Mainz, but we ultimately triumphed 3-2 on aggregate. 




Desna have done well in Ukraine recently so I was wary, but they were no match for us. 9-4 on aggregate, cya later lads. 




I was pleased to reach the Quarter Final where there were lots of tough sides. Lyon a good team and unfortunately over two legs they showed that. A great run though and I'm pleased to have done as well as we did. 






A fairly ropey start to the new year as our form slowed down a bit, with 2 wins and 5 draws from a fairly decent run of games. 




We won two in a row against Heracles and De Graafschaaf, but then lost to AZ and surprisingly to Sparta at the end of the month. 




We couldn't find a winner against Utrecht, but then went on a solid run against Volendam, PSV and Exclsior, before losing 3-0 to Feyenoord in a game that would ultimately decide the title. 




I'm pleased with the season overall, but the title was definitely ours to lose. If we'd just avoided losing in one of the games against Sparta, De Graafschap or at home to Fortuna Sittard then the title would have been ours. 

By no means a bad season but with a tycoon owner who expects a league title, cup final and Europa semi final I've now gone from "very secure" to just "stable" 





The players of the season were Leguizamon up-front, as well as van Zanten, Palmer and Arranz. 











No further update on the stadium plans since January, so maybe the pesky council have put a stop to it

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Career History


Season      Club                  League             Position            Achievements/Other
2018/19     Arsenal               Premier League       4th               Europa League winners
2019/20     Arsenal               Premier League       2nd               Champions League winners
2020/21     Paris SG              Ligue 1              1st               Ligue 1 & Coupe de la Ligue winners
2021/22     Paris SG              Ligue 1              1st               Ligue 1, Champions League & Trophee Des Champions winners
2022/23     AS Roma               Serie A              3rd               Italian Cup runners-up
2023/24     AS Roma               Serie A              2nd               Italian Cup winners
2024/25     AS Roma               Serie A              1st               Serie A winners
2025/26     AS Roma               Serie A              2nd               Italian Super Cup winners & Champions League runners-up
2026/27     AS Roma               Serie A              1st               Serie A, Italian Cup & Champions League winners
2027/28     Atletico Madrid       La Liga              3rd               N/A
2028/29     Atletico Madrid       La Liga              2nd               N/A
2029/30     Altetico Madrid       La Liga              2nd               Champions League winners
2030/31     VFL Wolfsburg         Bundesliga           6th               N/A
2031/32     VFL Wolfsburg         Bundesliga           5th               Europa League winners
2032/33     VFL Wolfsburg         Bundesliga           3rd               European Super Cup winners
2033/34     VFL Wolfsburg         Bundesliga           2nd               N/A
2034/35     VFL Wolfsburg         Bundesliga           1st               Bundesliga winners
2035/36     VFL Wolfsburg         Bundesliga           2nd               German Super Cup & Champions League winners
2036/37     Zenit St Petersburg   Russian PL           1st               Russian Premier League, Russian Cup & Super Cup winners
2037/38     Zenit St Petersburg   Russian PL           1st               Russian Premier League, Russian Cup & Super Cup winners
2038/39     Zenit St Petersburg   Russian PL           1st               Russian Premier League & Super Cup winners
2039/40     Zenit St Petersburg   Russian PL           1st               Russian Premier League, Russian Cup & Super Cup winners
2040/41     Zenit St Petersburg   Russian PL           1st               Champions League & Domestic Treble winners
2041/42     Portimonense SC       Primeira Liga        3rd               N/A
2042/43     Portimonense SC       Primeira Liga        4th               Taca de Portugal runners-up
2043/44     Portimonense SC       Primeira Liga        6th               N/A
2044/45     Portimonense SC       Primeira Liga        6th               Europa League winners
2045/46     Portimonense SC       Primeira Liga        3rd               European Super Cup winners
2046/47     Portimonense SC       Primeira Liga        4th               N/A
2047/48     Portimonense SC       Primeira Liga        4th               Portuguese League Cup winners
2048/49     Portimonense SC       Primeira Liga        1st               Primiera Liga & Champions League winners
2049/50     Vitesse Arnhem        Eredivisie           2nd               N/A
2050/51     Vitesse Arnhem        Eredivisie           2nd               N/A


Trophy Cabinet


Champions League        x7 - 2019/20 (Arsenal), 2021/22 (Paris SG), 2026/27 (AS Roma), 2029/30 (Atletico Madrid), 
                             2035/36 (VFL Wolfsburg), 2040/41 (Zenit St Petersburg), 2048/49 (Portimonense SC) 

Europa League           x3 - 2018/19 (Arsenal), 2031/32 (VFL Wolfsburg), 2044/45 (Portimonense SC) 

European Super Cup      x2 - 2032/33 (VFL Wolfsburg), 2045/46 (Portimonense SC) 

Bundesliga              x1 - 2034/35 (VFL Wolfsburg)
German Super Cup        x1 - 2035/36 (VFL Wolfsburg)

Serie A                 x2 - 2024/25, 2026/27 (AS Roma)
Italian Cup             x2 - 2023/24, 2026/27 (AS Roma)
Italian Super Cup       x1 - 2025/26 (AS Roma)

Ligue 1                 x2 - 2020/21, 2021/22 (Paris SG) 
Coupe de la Ligue       x1 - 2020/21 (Paris SG)
Trophee Des Champions   x1 - 2021/22 (Paris SG)

Primeira Liga           x1 - 2048/49 (Portimonense SC)
Portuguese League Cup   x1 - 2047/48 (Portimonense SC)

Russian Premier League  x5 - 2036/37, 2037/38, 2038/39, 2039/40, 2040/41 (Zenit St Petersburg) 
Russian Cup             x4 - 2036/37, 2037/38, 2039/40, 2040/41 (Zenit St Petersburg)
Russian Super Cup       x5 - 2036/37, 2037/38, 2038/39, 2039/40, 2040/41 (Zenit St Petersburg)



Nations Completed


1. England  - Arsenal 
2. France   - Paris SG
3. Italy    - AS Roma 
4. Spain    - Atletico Madrid
5. Germany  - VFL Wolfsburg
6. Russia   - Zenit St Petersburg
7. Portugal - Portimonense SC 

** - Nations completed by the AI: 

1. England - Manchester City
2. Germany - RB Leipzig 
3. France  - Olympique Marseille


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Nations Remaining


(based on coefficient ranking)


  1. Holland
  2. Turkey
  3. Belgium
  4. Switzerland (+2) 
  5. Austria 
  6. Scotland (+1) 
  7. Denmark (-3) 
  8. Serbia 
  9. Croatia (+4)  
  10. Czech Republic (+1) 
  11. Romania (-1) 
  12. Norway (+2) 
  13. Greece (+2) 
  14. Sweden (-2) 
  15. Ukraine (-6) 
  16. Poland 
  17. Bulgaria
  18. Republic of Ireland (+2)  
  19. Israel
  20. Iceland (-2) 
  21. Slovakia (+1) 
  22. Slovenia (-1) 
  23. Hungary
  24. Belarus
  25. Northern Ireland
  26. Finland (+1) 
  27. Wales (-1) 


Ukraine come absolutely crashing down, with Croatia the highest risers. Wales regain their bottom place position. 


It's already been confirmed that for the season after next the Dutch coefficient has risen to 6th place, above both Italy and Russia, which means we get 2 Group Stage places automatically from next season. So next season we can finish 2nd like we did this year and we will automatically be in the CL group stage, how long that lasts will remain to be seen, but us getting to the Quarter Final of the EL will have no doubt helped that. 

Shows how far Italy have fallen though, even Russia too who were doing alright, although Zenit have dropped off in recent years. They reached the CL final just 5 seasons ago, but since then have only got out of the Group Stage on one occasion, when I beat them as Portimonense in the Quarters. Since then they usually finish 3rd and then wind up in the latter stages of Europa League instead. 

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John Terry annoyingly wins another Champions League, as his Atletico side retain it against Man United. 

Good to see Portimonense in the Semi Final and Benfica also making the Quarters shows Portuguese football still doing it. Good shows for RB Salzburg of Austria and our own AZ making the knockout stages. 




A big win for Braga who have done Portugal proud, they even knocked Zenit out on the way. 4 Dutch teams in the Quarter Final though shows why we will have 2 CL group spots from next season. 

Good shows for Desna and Dinamo Zagreb to get where they got. 

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It's a top two of Gala and Fener again, with Besiktas taking up 3rd. 




A hell of a season for Dundee FC fans as their side were top of the table for most of it and the Old Firm's run of domination looked set to be over. Harry Kane's Rangers spoiled the party in the end though. 




A second straight title as normality resumes in the Ukraine

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