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I know, horrible pun, but basically, this is a really good fictional team from Richmond, Kentucky called "Richmond Wild" that I had a random dream about, and they were really good. So yeah. In the dream, they were an op Barcelona styled academy youth team located in Richmond (the best we have here is Javanon, Lexington FC, Chivas Lexington, and Kings Hammer). So that's really it.

They have really good youth stats (20 to be exact) and the only reason I'm doing this is in FM19, there aren't any players that usually come from the state of Kentucky, so it would be nice for a change. 

The game generates wonderkids for the team, but the catch is you have to win the MLS or U.S. Cup in your first season (I think, there might be a lot of problems, so please tell me if there are any problems.

Have not tested as of yet, so you:brock: will be the tester of the game, please comment and suggest and problems or recommended fixes for the challenge.


The Kentucky Kompetetor.fmf



What new things were created?

  • I had to also create the city of Richmond and created 2 new stadiums (one is the college/university stadium located there and a high school stadium)
  • For the university stadium, it never stated on their website its capacity, so I made a guess of 2000 (its really small anyway)

Also, to all you pro graphics people out there, how would you implant this logo into the game for the new team? (I am a noob at skinning and stuff).


(Also, yes, I know, it is an Arizona Coyotes logo, but that was the same logo that was on the club's kits in the dream).

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