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I can't seem to even attempt to extend loans.  Every player I've loaned in have been greyed out on the Extend or Recall from loan option.  I'm at the end of the season and just got the e-mail notification that the loan ends "soon".  They are all greyed out.  I've done searches and all say I'm looking in the right place...but 100% never available?  Seems broken.

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The extend and recall options are only available for players you have loaned out. The 'Recall From Loan' option will only be available within a transfer window as players cant be recalled outside of a transfer window. 


If you want to extend a players loan who is currently on loan to your club then you just need to make another loan offer for the player and if accepted the current loan will be extended.  

If I have misunderstood your issue and you have a save where you think this is not working then please upload the save to our cloud service and we will take a look. Details on how to upload can be found via the link below. 



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