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1860 Munich aka Munich Lions were historically the big Munich Team but due to bad management went under several times, the last time with an Investor.

1.FC Kaiserslautern aka Red Devils (German Cup and League Champions several times) in Liga 3 is also a case of bad management but without Investor so far.

!.FC Kaiserslautern is the only Club in Germany who relegated into 2.Bundesliga, got Promotion the very next Season and then went right for 1.Bundesliga Champion - after that things went downhill with an ever increasing pace.

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Also came to FM fame because not long ago they shared Allianz with Bayern.


Started a game with FC Kaiserlautern and tried to make Betzenberg what he once was again , got promoted, saw i had a lot of young talent and the new Andreas Möller in the youth but got sacked in 2. Bundesliga :-(

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