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Looking for some help developing a 41212, to be utilised by my Derry City side. It is a formation I've always liked and it seems to be making something of a comeback irl, but one I have rarely used on FM. Attraction is the midfield options and getting to play 2 strikers. Having had the best years of my football watching life over the last few seasons watching HTFC I am very much in the Klopp/Wagner/German style camp when it comes to my thoughts on how football should be played, so I am looking for endless pressing, high line, high intensity football. Attached is the formation I have come up with, along with the following instructions:

Out of Possession

  • Higher Line (Would prefer much higher but this is a compromise based on being Derry without super quick CB's!)
  • Higher Line of Engagement (same compromise reasons as above)
  • Use offside trap
  • Use tighter marking
  • Extremely Urgent Pressing

In Transition

  • Counter-press
  • Distribute to full backs (Would eventually prefer CB's but this is a safety compromise as loads of sides play 2 strikers and FB's should have more space)

In Possession

  • Play out of defence

The theory is that it starts as a 41212 but morphs into a 3412 in attack. HB slots into the backline making a 3, FB and WB provide the width.

I have gone with a WB-S and FB-A just to try and provide a bit of variety, rather than having two Wingbacks potentially doing the same thing on both sides. The 3 in front of the HB I am open to suggestions. I envisage the Carrilero being a general workhorse who will cover for the overlapping FB. I'd rather have a RP than a DLP but no chance of getting anyone suitable for that role at the level I am playing at. I am unsure on the AM, I see him creating and scoring in fairly equal measure so I have him on attack so he gets in the box, otherwise just 2 men are likely to be in there at most.

AF is the bloke I see scoring most of the goals, with the PF being a menace but still scoring a few.

Any thoughts on the roles selected for this formation? I'm pretty comfortable with the instructions getting something along the lines of the style of football I want (without going too OTT) but any thoughts on the whole thing would be most welcome.





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The obvious question is - is Derry City good enough to play this way, especially with so aggressive defending. Btw, I would swap the fullbacks around, so the FBa would be on the right and WBs on the left. 

I sometimes use a narrow diamond with Man Utd, and this is what my primary setup looks like (when I use my preferred starting 11):

PFsu     AF


MEZsu     CAR


WBsu     CDde   BPDde    CWBsu


Positive mentality, play out of defense, higher tempo, work ball into box, be more expressive, play wider / counter, distribute quickly to CBs & FBs / higher DL, standard or higher LOE, use offside trap (sometimes more urgent pressing or tighter marking).

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