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Tactical advise required

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Hi guys,

so ive made a possession(ish) tactic, and it works some what as to say i win more games than i lose, but this may be just because my team is rated as one of the best teams in the league as opposed to the actual tactics. the actual problem is i struggle to score goals and i presume this is from an inability to create quality chances its not rare for me to draw a 0-0 in a game i have had 21 shots and 14 on target. one thing i have identified is my striker is often one of the only guys in the box when attacking even though i have a few attacking mentalities scattered through the team. Also my team tends to fire in a hell of a lot of crosses per game (possibly a result of the above?) which is not ideal as we are the worst team in the league for heading.

how would i go about getting more players in the box when attacking and  also move away from crosses galore and maybe more through balls cut backs ect?  



oh and how would i get the best out of this guy, reports reckon hes good enough for the league above but i just cannot get the best out of him



Any and all advise is welcome

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For a top club I'd say its setup a bit conservatively:

1. 4141 so lots of players defending deep but then you want them to push up and engage higher.  Against defensive teams who like to pass backwards and play slowly your making it easy for them to keep it.  Consider how a 4411 would defend differently, putting someone near there DM and helping press higher just by there position.  Of course this puts different requirements on the defenders that needs to be kept in mind. 

2. Typically deeper players aren't as good at finishing than forwards, how good are your midfield 4 at finding space and converting chances? Who's creating for them? Only the DLF-A tries risky passes often but not one will really get past him unless its a counter attack.  DM-D and DW-S are predominantly defensive roles than creative and with a generic CM-S and runner in CM-A it seems a bit lacking in creativity.

3. Your right flank looks a bit cross heavy, are your players good in the air? Who's gets in the box for them? If playing a possession(ish) style a wide PM or WM could be a good option.  Could also make the CM-S + CM-A more attacking to help support the line ST earlier.  MEZ-A with the RM narrower+deep and WB-A overlapping looks an interesting option if you keep this formation.

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