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Advise: Wonderkid gets tired quickly

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I have a 20-yr old midfielder who gets tired quickly during matches. His physical condition drops to 70%s while still mid game, although his Stamina, Strength and Work Rate are 15. See his profile below.

What should I do in terms of training and tactics to make him last longer during matches? Thanks.


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Is he one of your key players? Are the opposition targeting him?  

If opposition players are always closing him down and tackling hard, it could be knocks reducing his condition %

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Mr Beans makes some good suggests, otherwise is his pressing individually set really high? Does he have a lot of team mates in nearby positions that help him press or is he running himself into the ground going backwards and forwards to press whilst covering every blade to close the opposition down? Is it more to do with his actual role workload than just simply pressing? If a BBM, is he getting up and down the pitch constantly as well as pressing etc. Higher work rate may mean more fatigue etc!

Assuming you've tried other players in his position and they don't have the same issue? How are their stats comparatively? Is their work rate as high? Can you check distances covered in the game etc to see if he's outrunning others when they play there (obviously there'll be some variance between games but you get the idea I'm sure);


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