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Database configuration crash. Begging for save template

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Hi, my Football Manager 2019 is crashing during database configuration when i want start a new career. I don't have any hope that i can fix it, i try everything.

I found only one way: download a someone save and add a new manager ( .fm file from documents game folder). I found only one save https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm19-save-10-years-into-the-future.html

But the problem is that save starts in 2028 and there is only leagues from 5 countries. I must looking for a Good Samaritan who can take 20 minutes from his life and make me a save to download. I don't know if someone would do it or give me golden way to fix my crash.

If you are still interest to help me know that my impertinence don't ends here. If you want to help me i please you to include in that save those leagues:

-Biggest Database

Brazil (To 3rd league)
England (To 4th league)
Belgium (To 2nd league)
Czech Republic (To 2nd league)
France (To 3rd league)
Germany (To 3rd league)
Netherlands (To 2nd league)
Portugal (To 2nd league)
Russia (To 2nd league)
Slovakia (To 2nd league)
Spain (To 4th league)
Ukraine (To 2nd league)
Italy (To 3rd league)
Poland (To 2nd league) + in advanced settings all polish players (i want start in Poland)

I know what i asking for and BIGGEST THANK YOU if you want to help me. email: lukaszrogozinski1996@gmail.com or put that .fm file on mediafire etc.


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