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Always crashing in 16 may 2033

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All of my backup saves crash exactly when simulating the 16 of may in 2033.

The only database i have downloaded are the european nations by clasen but most of the leagues are view-only other than the top15 and brazil/argentina

I tried all of the guidelines for crash dumps on the forum but nothing worked.


I spent around 250 hours on this save trying to build  Holland to a powerhouse so it would be a shame to lose it. 

I'm not sure how am i supposed to upload the savefile for you guys since the limit here seems to be 9MB to attach.

DxDiag.txt FM 2019 v19.3.0.1195874 (2019.02.21 22.08.32).dmp

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Hey @Hugo Mendes Albino i've uploaded the save, it's called " Pr3dator 16may2033 crash.fm""

I have three questions about this

1) If clasen database is the problem here, would the savegame be lost/corrupted if i tried to remove them completely from my game?


2) I have heard before that this crash specifically seems to be related to the databases, so it's likely one of the leagues on his pack. Is there anyway to check which league is causing it or is it better off i play always with the default database to avoid crashes on long saves like these?


3) Do you think if i had set all of his leagues to view only the crash would still be an issue in the future?

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Hi @Pr3dator,

1) Yes the save game would be lost, the best way to find out however is to remove them and then test your save.

2) Yes, we have had a few crashes to do with this database before. Unfortunately not, I would recommend playing with the default database in order to avoid any issues.

3) I am not completely sure, I would recommend testing it.

I hope I have answered your questions,



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