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Swap Star Rating System For FIFA's Overall Rating In FMM 2020?

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I admit, the star rating system is a core aspect of the Football Manager series and is one of the longest available features on the Simulation.

But in FMM 19 I find that the star rating is usually different. In the sense that if I scout a player, I can get a 4 and A half star rating, but if I sign the player the same window, the rating could have dropped. It's somehow annoying, to be honest.

So If S.I could make the star rating system more consistent or just replace it with FIFA's overall rating, it would be awesome.


- Ebun

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Star ratings are different because you're getting multiple opinions. For example, a scout might rate a certain player differently from your assistant manager, especially if their Judging Player Ability/Potential attributes are vastly different.

You should also remember that all player star ratings are just rough guides, nothing more.

Having a FIFA-style overall rating would not be a good alternative. In FIFA, overall ratings are based only on a few attributes. In FM, there are loads of attributes and variables that go into how players perform. Giving them a basic rating out of 100 could be unreliable at best, and downright misleading at worst.

EDIT: I now understand that you're talking about FMM, rather than FM, but most of my points should still stand.

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