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Swap Star Rating System For FIFA's Overall Rating In FMM 2020?

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I admit, the star rating system is a core aspect of the Football Manager series and is one of the longest available features on the Simulation.

But in FMM 19 I find that the star rating is usually different. In the sense that if I scout a player, I can get a 4 and A half star rating, but if I sign the player the same window, the rating could have dropped. It's somehow annoying, to be honest.

So If S.I could make the star rating system more consistent or just replace it with FIFA's overall rating, it would be awesome.


- Ebun

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Star ratings are different because you're getting multiple opinions. For example, a scout might rate a certain player differently from your assistant manager, especially if their Judging Player Ability/Potential attributes are vastly different.

You should also remember that all player star ratings are just rough guides, nothing more.

Having a FIFA-style overall rating would not be a good alternative. In FIFA, overall ratings are based only on a few attributes. In FM, there are loads of attributes and variables that go into how players perform. Giving them a basic rating out of 100 could be unreliable at best, and downright misleading at worst.

EDIT: I now understand that you're talking about FMM, rather than FM, but most of my points should still stand.

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I do like the current system too. However he has made a good point. I admit it does feel like US still using the star ratings system does feel somewhat a little slightly outdated, in terms of age with no change in over 20+ years. I do agree with SlamKid though I do see where he is coming from with his point though. Please have a look at these images here from Fifa your actually very slightly mistaken on the basis that you assume or think Fifa is only skill ranked on just a few attributes, when in actual fact the data collection harvesting is a lot more deeply embedded than we know. Have a look at these images to see the depth that has gone into player attributes.

https://images.app.goo.gl/DWAP5MXrT4yhiZDt5 - Player Info Compatibility.

https://images.app.goo.gl/v12WdaEHdc1SSUoQ6 - 29x Individual Attributes

https://images.app.goo.gl/RxDvrCMhgr4HHRZi7 - Summary Report Complete

https://images.app.goo.gl/4JWg8ncZwZ6yz6xB8 - Player Info Comparison

https://images.app.goo.gl/YoHdaUjoBz9GFzq59 - More Fifa Player Attributes Summary 

Also in addition to all the above as I previously mentioned in an a reply to another post. Fifa employ a team of Data Reviewers consisting of but not limited to professional football coaches and scouts and fans that are season ticket holders worldwide. 

There are 34 attributes in FIFA for each player in all game modes. Player Attributes are data and information which determine the quality and feature of player on the pitch skills, behaviours and performance.

In FIFA, Player Attributes are the data and information that determine the quality and the feature of a player's technical skills, behaviours and performance on the pitch. In FIFA, FUT and FIFA Mobile, each player has a collection of attributes rated from 0 to 99 each. The average of a player's attributes sums up their OVR Rating.

Player Attributes are rated first as a guesswork by EA's data reviewers who are made up of coaches, professional scouts, and a lot of season ticket holders from around the world. Then, EA editors will go through these data to review them and apply their own feedback to them, and then they make the final player attribute ratings ready for the game.


Rating Range

Player Attributes are rated from 0 to 99. The higher value results the better quality for the attribute. Below is the infographic that shows the quality level for the player attribute ratings.

Player Attributes

Excellent 90 to 99
Very Good 80 to 89
Good 70 to 79
Fair 50 to 69
Poor 40 to 49
Very Poor

0 to 39

Player Attributes Categories

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Skills

Player Attributes List


The increment of a player’s running speed


The aggression level of a player


Determines how fast and graceful a player is able to control the ball


The even distribution of enabling a player to remain upright and steady when running

Ball Control

The ability of a player to control the ball




A player’s the state or feeling of being calm and controlling their frustration


The accuracy and the quality of a player’s crosses


A player’s ability to curve the ball when passing and shooting


A player’s ability to defend


A player’s ability to carry the ball and past an opponent


The ability of a player to score

Free Kick

A player’s accuracy for taking the Free Kicks


A player’s accuracy when using the head to pass, shoot or clear the ball


A player’s capability to intercept the ball


A player’s ability and quality for jumping from the surface for headers

Long Passing

A player’s accuracy for the long passes

Long Shot

A player’s accuracy for the shots taking from long distances


A player’s capability to mark opposition player(s)


A player’s speed in walking/running


Determines how accurate a player passes the ball to a teammate


A player’s accuracy for taking penalty shots


Represent a player’s physical and body situation.


Defines how well a player is able to perform the positioning on the field


The acting speed of a player in response to the situations happening around them


A player’s general shooting strength and accuracy

Short Passing

A player’s accuracy for the short passes

Shot Power

The strength of a player’s shootings

Sliding Tackle

The ability of performing sliding tackle

Sprint Speed

Defines the speed rate of a player’s sprinting


A player’s ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort

Standing Tackle

The ability of performing standing tackle


The quality or state of being physically strong


A player’s mental awareness about his teammates’ positioning, for passing the ball to them


A player’s ability for performing volleys.


As you can see above there are 34 individual player attributes that are home to 3x player attribute categories Physical, Mental, and Skills. 

Overall Rating

Overall Rating,

OVR Rating or OVR in FIFA, FUT and FIFA Mobile is the average of the key Player Attributesrates of a player within their Potential rate calculated based on their position and international reputation. The OVR rating of a player determines their general performance quality and their value in FIFA.

As we can see from the above there is quiet a substantial amount of time, effort, and research that go into the research and development of player attributes.

Again, lets make life easier for ALL

The solution is simple ADD the updated FiFA ranking system but give the end user the option to Enable/Dissable it within the game options so they can either use the modern FIFA ranking system or alternatively use the former star rated system **/***** . Its just like the option of selecting MPH or KMH within the game options on a driving simulator game like FM7 OR FH4 etc..

Again fingers X'ed we hopefully may see it in the near future.

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