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New (Really old) language

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I just recently created a save with Assyriska FF in Sweden (I am not Swedish or Assyrian so my knowledge may be a little off). 

Assyriska (there are two other Assyrian clubs in the Swedish 3rd tier), are a 3rd tier team based in Sweden, more specifically in the city of Södertälje, which has a large population of people of Assyrian background. 

These Assyrians are descendants of their ancient ancestors from the Assyrian civilization. They speak Aramaic, the same language that Jesus Christ would have spoken.

Aramaic does not exist in FM, along with other Semitic languages, such as Mandaic.

I know that religion does not play a role in FM, however I was wondering whether language could be used as a proxy in FM to make particular players viable transfers for clubs such as Assyriska. Imagine a regen from Iraq/Syria that is of Assyrian descent (there is currently no way of separating Arabic Syrians with Assyrians who do not have arabized names) that would be a viable transfer option for Assyriska, a club that Assyrians treat as their national team. It'd be difficult to distinguish which regens are Assyrian without seeing the languages they speak. This is also an issue in Egypt, with no separation in languages for Arabic Egyptians and Coptic Egyptians (Coptic is not a language in the game either). 

On top of this, is there anything written into the game that produces Assyrian regens at the Assyriska FF (or Syrianska)? I am in my first season and having looked at the pre-game editor there is absolutely nothing linking the club with players of Assyrian background, including the city of Södertälje which only has 'Swedish' as it's language in the local region. 

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I wouldn't know where else to put it.


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