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Matches cause constant flickering, resetting to default settings wipes all saves

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Two part error for you guys

The first is I booted up my game today and noticed that on the opening screen, the graphic where the manager would usually be standings was completely black. Loaded up my save no problem, and simmed through a couple non-match days without any issue. Got to match day and was able to go through team selection without any issue, but as soon as I entered the match the screen started flickering between the match and a black screen to the point it was basically unwatchable. Minimized the game, let the match finish without intervention on my part, and was able to continue on. When I got to a second match the graphics were still flickering so I decided to look for solutions.

I have had the crash dump error happen previously and went through the steps with NVIDIA control panel to fix it (successfully) so it's not that. Just in case I flipped the settings back to high performance (did not fix the issue) and then back (still nothing). Next step I reset the preferences back to default. Not only did this not fix the graphics problem (the manager on the opening screen is still just black) but it seems to have removed all of my saves as the game doesn't recognize I have any previous saves.

Any more information you need i'm happy to provide, as this has essentially undone all my hours so far on my career mode and made the game unplayable to boot!

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I get a failure when I try to install this. What exactly is happening, graphics driver is kaput? This laptop is less than a year old and isn't having problems running anything else.

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