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Longer loan deals in FMM 2020

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I would love to send players like Vinicius Jnr. on longer loan deals like 2 or 3 years. I find it stressful to loan out, the player returns, just to loan out at the end of the season. Please make this an addition to the already amazing new transfer system.

Same thing goes for loaning in players, Bayern Loaned James Rodriguez for 2 years so why can't I do the same in FMM. Pls add this feature in FMM 2020. 

Also allow player swaps to come with loan deals and transfer deals. So i buy Eriksen from Tottenham, but i give them Llorente for 2 seasons on loan. Or I loan Saving from Lazio for 2+ seasons (If you add the feather mentioned above) and i give Lazio Regulion for 2 seasons on loan.

It would be an amazing addition.

Thank You Guys For FMM 😍😍


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Bayern loaned James for 2 years. To my knowledge that’s the longest

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WoW, that is a first surely? I'm in the year 2023 almost and still not seen any loaned players longer than a year yet. Hopefully this will change in near soon future releases.

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