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European qualification after play-offs bug.

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A problem I've been having when making editor content is that if you make a championsship play-off, the european qualification will be determined by the teams ranking in the league before the play-off begins.

Meaning if a team is in the 1st spot before play-offs they will get CL even if they finish 6th after play-offs.

I made an exaggarated version of this in Denmark which has 4 spots for european competitions to prove this.

I made 4 groups that would meet at first, then go to championship play-offs for the top teams in the groups, and relegation play-off for the bottom teams.

The teams who won the groups would get the european places regardless of where in the league they finish in the play-off.

Group 1: FCM won

Group 2: SønderjyskE won

Group 3: FCN won

Group 4: FCK won


The top 4 in the champions play-off was:

1. FCK

2. FCM

3. AaB

4. BIF


Spots were given like this


EL: BIF (Because of being cup winners), SønderjyskE and FCN


Despite FCK winning the league they didn't get any placement in europe.


I shared the file here because i was not able to upload it on this site due to it being 50MB


It will delete itself in 30 days so please respond quicker, or ask me to reupload it


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