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Surely this wouldn't happen??

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I am currently managing Real Sociedad and we have just finished 4th in the league and qualified for the Champions League..

Marcos Llorente was on loan at Fulham and they finished 18th and were relegated to the Championship..

Fulham had an option to sign him for 5m,but he rejected their contract offer as he knew i was interested and even said he was waiting for an offer to come in from my club..

Problem is though i couldn't make an offer because Fulham had already had the option to sign him...

So Fulham had an option to sign him but he rejected and was waiting for me,but i couldn't make an offer until the 30th of June (the in game date was the 22nd),so Llorente only had to wait 8 days for me to come in for him...

Instead Fulham made another offer and he joins them,therefore he is now a Championship player instead of a Champions League player?

Would this happen really,or am i just thinking too deeply about it....i'm annoyed as i was waiting until the 30th and he was perfect for my team lol

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I have on my save with Valencia Trent Arnold as the 1st choise for transfer and now I wanted to get Gomez but I can't get any of them...can't even drop their morale slightly it's like they are immune but all the time when I am making the bid they are saying Valencia is their prefered club to join so...why I can't do anything?

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