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Hi Guys,
I'm having problems with a Malaga save.

It crashes when passing through September 10th to September 13th.

I passed through all the solutions you guys mention here at the forum (cleaning cache, deleting preferences, updating NVIDIA drivers) and that seemed to help for a little bit (I was having crashes before) but now it is back and nothing I have done has helped. 

I have not used any in game editor nor do I have any custom files loaded that I know about.

The latest crash dump is linked. And I have uploaded the save file to Austin Kail - Early Feb.fm

Thanks for your help!

FM 2019 v19.2.3.1187971 (2019.02.11 23.32.57).dmp

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Hi there @silverstream0o3,

I have tested your save and I can't seem to get it to reproduce, 

Could you please follow the instructions below:

- Right Click on your desktop and select 'Nvidia Control Panel'
- Click 'Manage 3D settings'
- Select 'Program Settings' and via the dropdown box for 'Select a program to customise' select 'Football Manager 2019'
- Select 'Power Management Mode'
- If the default setting is 'Optimal Power', now select 'Prefer Maximum Performance'
- Select 'Apply'




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Hi there Hugo,

Thanks for your assistance with this issue. unfortunately I went through that process, but it did not fix my issues and the game crashed out yet again. 

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