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[19.3.5 - ME1930] Low condition, great performance

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The issue: players with <25% condition performing as they were Ronaldo & Beckham.

I noticed that, when players reach a low condition, they turn themselves into world class craques. It doesn't matter whether they actually are mid-class Serie A players or PA 90's non-league amateurs, these players manage to overturn a match.



Let's focus on R. Preparatore Atletico and A. Giocatore. As we see, they ended the match at 5% condition, performing 3 created occasions, 6 key passes and 1 assist, and at 21% condition, performing 1 created occasion, 2 key passes, 1 assist and scoring 4 goals.

is there an actual link between the low condition and a top flight performance due to what the Match Engine elaborates?

I believe so. Take a look at A. Giocatore's attributes.


You'll notice that he's not meant to overperform that much, when meeting a CA 120 average team. He did have a low condition, tho.

Is that enough to think of a bug?

I think so. Even if I don't have any access to the server where these things happened - so I can't provide a pkm yet - I managed to get some video highlights of the match. The said players were in the white team.

Highlights of the match

I also noticed that giving a team the lowest morale also gives a significant boost to their performance. This might be unrelated, as well as it might matter indeed.

I hope to be able to provide something more relevant soon. I'll be happy to answer to any further enquiry, should I be able to.

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Il 22/3/2019 in 13:18 , Hugo Mendes Albino ha scritto:

Hi there @SpGR,

Unfortunately we won't be able to do much without a pkm,

Also we would need multiple examples of this happening,



Hi @Hugo Mendes Albino,

The issue didn't show up for some in-game months - or, if it succeeded, we didn't notice it, but last night there we were again.


So, as you can see there's this issue: the goalkeeper Giacomo Giocatore has NO physical condition - how is that even possible? I mean, one would expect at least some 1% to show up.
I'm not even bothered by that Nelson Atiagli who played the whole match as an injured player and in the end of his 90'+extra time managed to have his 76% as a wingback - that's more of a matter of investigation for the anti-doping authority.


Shots to save indeed he had - one would expect that at least one of them got past him, but his inexistent condition turned him into a sort of Golden Ball winner Yashin.

Wow, he must be a champion - I thought. That's why I investigated his profile.


To find out that this CA 57, PA 90-ish guy appears not to have played any match - neither the match itself nor any other match ever!

It still shows physical condition 1%, tho. Should I think that playing the match somehow increased his condition to 1%, and that during the match his condition was 0% or even a negative value?


I do not have answers. From my experience, I can only make my guess: there's a condition value under 2500/10000 (I do not know the exact value) that the match engine, in its calculation, somehow changes into a huge positive amount - I don't have any programming skills to state it's a matter of integer and float values or whatever it is, that's just my opinion.

I don't know wheter I will be able to provide other info, but please let me know if you need anything and if you think you can work this issue out.

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