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Promoting/Demoting, Unrealistic fixtures

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Right this is a sort of two in one problem. There are a lot of bugs I’ve experienced and seen other people mention on here which I can live with although a bit annoying.

This is just stupid though. It’s probably technically not even a bug but what it is is a huge problem.

So I’m in the semi final of the FA Cup - first issue; why are half of my senior players unavailable due to international duty. It’s the FA Cup semi final, when would international friendlies ever be played on this day?

To make things worse, my senior and back up keeper are both away and my other 2 keepers are in the reserves.

Both of my squads are full up, which is obviously why I can’t demote/promote although I have seen people mention and also experienced myself this happening when the squads are not full.

Basically there needs to be an option to swap a first team player for a reserve player in this situation because right now it’s looking like I have to play an outfield player in goal when I have two perfectly good keepers in my reserves. More likely I’ll just stop playing the game.

Am I missing something, is there a way around this? Cause right now I’m just feeling like this is ridiculous and I can’t be arsed to play the game any more.

Would appreciate some help on this one, cheers.

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If you're on iOS then you can gain access to your saves this way: 



This is how to do the same on Android: 



Once you've got your game then you can compress the file and attach it to a forum post in this thread. Thanks :thup:

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