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Regular goal becomes goal kick

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Second half's injury time - around minute 95

After scoring 3-3, AS Roma commits foul near the opponent's box.

Torino begins a number of passes from the free kick, which actually get the ball in AS Roma's box. Torino's attacker shoots, the ball hits a player, then Torino's striker slides and puts the ball in the net, it's clearly a regular goal.

Match Engine doesn't agree and concedes a goal kick to AS Roma while the ball never got out of the pitch.

ME1922 - Torino - Roma.pkm


Video of the said happening

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12 ore fa, Ben Allingham ha scritto:

Hi @SpGR, this is a bug we're aware of and is under review. Thanks for posting!

Nice to hear of that, I'll try to keep track of any other issue I see

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