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Help Required - Regional Division

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Hi, I'm pleading for help!

Background - I'm building a database for lower leagues of Scotland, I've been at it for a week and I'm almost done but the last step has me stumped.


I have the Highland League and the Lowland leagues play through the season as normal, come May, the top two from each division move to the "Highland-Lowland League" and play-off to win promotion to League 2. This is all fine, except the team relegated from League 2 simply takes the place of the promoted team. What I'd like to happen is all teams from both the Highland and Lowland leagues are re-arranged and sorted by latitude and placed in to either division based on their geographical location, including the "new" team relegated from league 2.


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Just now, dirtybadger67 said:

@HUNT3R Apologies, I though dB stood for database?

I've now reposted in the Editors > Advanced rules section, thanks.

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