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Finding out which squads "share" coaching (FM19)

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In my quest to improve the effectiveness of training through coach allocation, I've faced situation where I have to figure out which of the several squads usually present at a club (Main, Reserve( or Club II), U21/U19...) train together, and thus benefit from hiring coaches not only for the main squad, but for some of the others.

If this is confusing, I'll give an example: I loaded a Werder Bremen save. They have the main squad, but also Werder Bremen II, the U21 and U19. My main coaches are overloaded, and I need to find out if any of the other squads' coaching slots could be used to balance the workload?

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Perhaps the quickest way is to employ an U23/U21/U20 coach (or manager or AM) and see if they are available to coach your senior or youth team.

Different leagues in different countries have different set ups so rather than try to list them all, just employ a coach in your particular country and see :thup:.

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