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Team Training Intensity

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Hi. This may have already been covered, but I’ve been unable to easily find it. 

My Assistant Manager pops up every so often saying x player (in this case Amartey) is unhappy with the low level of team training. He then recommends to increase the intensity of team training in general. However, I can’t see a way of doing that - is there one?




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Hi @chopperxxxx,

Apologies for the delay - 

A few issues have been reported with Team training and we are investigating further in house 

However you can take care of the intensity of a players training by heading to training>individuals - Tick on a players name (in your case Amartey) Then tick 'Control Amartey's individual training' then tap 'Intensity' and select 'double intensity' 

Training is something we're looking into as a whole and hopefully will be able to continue to roll out updates in the near future 

Hope that helps and if you need any further info let us know 

Many Thanks,


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Oh my, only just seen that. Had no idea it was there, as it was hidden under “Detailed” view (top left) rather than “list” view which is the standard view. Will go through and amend now, thanks!

(For reference the last FMT I played was 2016 and thought the training in that was fine. This is similar, but not quite as good.)

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One thing I’ve just noticed, related to training is I got the attached message saying that the TEAM training intensity needs to be increased, however (once again I may have missed it) I can only see how to increase the intensity of INDIVIDUAL training - as per instructions above - and not the team as a whole.


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