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Add un-qualified teams to a different competition

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Hi All,

I want to create a cup with 32 international teams. The format will be the same as the champions league with 8 groups of 4 and each team playing each other twice.

The top two qualify for the last 16.

This part can be done easily using basic editor.

Where is get's is i what i want the bottom two teams in each group qualify for a different competition similar to how the third team in the champions league group moved to the Europa League.

These teams will follow a different path and play out there own final.

I don't think the basic rules will be able to manage this.

Has anyone done this or can it be done??

Help is needed.





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All you have to do is go to the advanced rules and set the following under "Qualification rules".


Of course you have to replace the "UEFA Europa League" with your competition ;)

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