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FM Tahiti - Youtube Channel and Blog set in a semi-fictional French Polynesian League

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Hello (or la Orana in Tahitian!)

I've started a youtube channel, and blog, about a FM19 save in a semi-fictional French Polynesian league system. French Polynesia (Tahiti and other islands) is real just in case you were confused, the islands I mention are real, but the teams and the leagues they play in are not. Years ago, around FM12 my younger brother created a single league in Tahiti and we played the crap out of it in a network save. Every year since then we've added to the database to the point where there are 4 leagues, 7 cups, around 5 special Island nations with their own international teams based on some of the island chains actually in French Polynesia. I've even put together a dodgy logo pack that has scratch made badges, logo's and home kits.

The premise is that a mad anonymous billionaire has invested in the new leagues and infrastructure but has now just left them to it. So lots of new teams and small stadiums (500 seaters) but no money unless the team can crack things on a continental stage in the Oceania Champions League, and eventually the World Club Championship.

I'm not playing it as a network save but this year I decided I would record it and put it up on Youtube! There are about 11 episodes up that you can find on this career playlist.  Episodes 1 and 2 set the scene, 3 introduces the manager and 4+ is the journey itself. There are plenty more recorded and scheduled - taking us up to the 2nd season so far.  I want to build the team I take on, build the league, get better youth in (we're about vanarama level at the moment) and eventually make a splash on the international stage.

There is also a playlist about the different Island chains that are represented as nations in my game. There's no FM gamplay in the Island background videos, just me rambling on about different islands and where the fictional teams are based.

Alot of the background information is on the blog, and I plan on updating it with a review at the end of each season, and with special posts about anything I want to into more depth about. For example I'm just drafting one about the team views I've made for my attack, midfield and defence. Might do one where I run actual statistical tests using data I export about my team.

So if it takes your fancy please take a look. Come on down to one of our many French Polynesian islands! Any comments and feedback are much appreciated. I know there are some small mic and edit issues in the first few episodes but I've gradually got on top of them as the series has progressed. Still, it's my first go at all of this so any tips would be great.

Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN0EpFqPAwCsEMygWV1qy8A/

Blog - https://fmtahiti.blogspot.com/

Twitter -  https://twitter.com/FmTahiti



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Just a quick update - I'm about 20 episodes in now for anyone who likes to binge watch series (or is worried that a series wont last long). We are in the 2nd season and there another 10 episodes recorded and scheduled for release.

The blog will soon have two more updates (maybe three) - a season review, a look at squad views and maybe a tactics breakdown (both of the tactic and a general breakdown by me when it doesn't work).

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Thanks mate, I appreciate it! I'm up to the end of the third season now, episode 50. And there'll be a blog recap, plus hopefully a tactics blog this week about the hoofball we are playing.

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