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New Nation (Atlantis) and Regen Names

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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I spent the whole day bringing back a lost civilization, Atlantis, and overwriting Mauritania. It has been a fun adventure and i've made a lot of progress.

I have deleted all I can about Mauritania in the editor, including every single person with Mauritania nation and second nation. I have changed the nationality of around 1000 people of different nations and made their nationality Atlantis.


The nations I chose were low CA people from Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Mongolia, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Greece, Madagascar, Micronesia, Uganda, Lesotho and maybe a few more. I wanted really diverse fantasy kind of names for my regens. I have tried to avoid Arabic names because it takes away my immersion of bringing back a lost civilization of mysterious players when they all have more modern sounding names from countries based in the regions where I have my local regions set (Iraq, Egypt etc).


I have added two leagues and two cups:

- Atlantean Timaeus Premier League (14 Teams)

- Atlantean Critias Championship (17 Teams)

- Atlantean Hermocrates Cup 

- Atlantean Solon Super Cup


All of the teams are based on Historical/Mythical cities with connections and hypothetical locations of Atlantis. 

I'm having a number of problems, I will screenshot my issues step by step, i'm really hoping some of you have some kind of solutions for me.

1) This is a team based in 'Atlantis Republic' the proxy capital, where the national stadium is situated. They are all 'Atlantean' with no second nationality. This is good, but their regen names are still linked to Mauritania. Is there any possible way to get them to use the pool of Atlantean players I added in the editor? I don't know what is causing them to still have West African names. Atlantis is in the Continent of Africa, but I changed 'Region' to Oceania, howevier it had no affect, both 'West Africa' and 'Oceania' still produce West African names.


My main fear is that the regen names are pulled from an file with Mauritanian regen names, which is unable to be edited, however I have had success with some of the clubs in giving them different regen names, but it is inconsistent.

2) This is a team with a local region that is in Turkey, but with the City being in Atlantis. This produces Atlantean nationality players with Second Nation Turkey and Turkish looking regens, with most speaking Turkish (Fluent), Atlantean (Good), this is good, but not ideal (I still want the blend of names from the Atlantean pool).


3) This is the information of a player from another Turkish based side (90%) of their players have Turkish second nationality, but this guy does not. He still has a Turkish regen face, but his name is Mauritanian, and his place of birth is Nouakchott (Capital of Mauritania), but I deleted Nouakchott from the game in the editor and he still has Wolof as fluent, yet I removed that from the languages of Atlantis. There are more examples of Atlantean only players playing for teams inside a different region that have a former Mauritanian city and language attached. It seems the game processes Mauritania before Atlantis overwrites it when setting up a game, however the only team based 'inside' Atlantis, FC Poseidon, have a full list of regens born in 'Atlantis' and only speak 'Atlantean'. 


4) I chose Mongolian language (and called it Atlantean), since this language produces some pretty unique names (it seems like language of your nation has no effect on the names of regens, only the languages they speak), I added Atlantean at 50% to all of the regions that have an Atlantean city residing in them. 

5) I cannot determine the main 'factor' to creating regen names of different nationalities. For Gobekli Tepe FC, they reside in a city that has 'Turkish' set as their language, yet Sporting Lydia, also based in the same region but without having 'Turkish' set as their nationality also produce Turkish regens. What this shows is the region is producing the Turkish nationalities rather than the language. But wait, that isn't correct, because another team Aztlan FC, who's city resides in Mexico don't produce 'Peruvian' names without a language attached to the city, but do produce 'Peruvian' names when 'Quechua (proxy to Aztec)' is attached to the city. This is inconsistent.

Aztlan have the 'equivalent' settings as Lydia, yet Lydia produce Turkish names, while Aztlan produce Mauritanian names. When Aztlan has 'Quechua' as their city language, they produce a majority of Peruvian names. 


What I can take away from that experiment is that even if city language doesn't always have an effect, it can have an effect, so it is best to just put the language you want to produce. But this doesn't always work, for example Italian and Greek residing sides that have Italian/Greek as their city language don't produce regens with the names of that nationality, but do have a second language of Italian/Greek. They are Mauritanian named players, again. 


This is truly mind-boggling. I must be doing something wrong. Any help would be amazing.


P.S I have one more problem unrelated to the regen names.

I have managed to put in the 'Normal' and 'Small' graphic for the Atlantis Football Federation, but I don't know how to remove this Mauritania flag from this section.




Again, i'll be very grateful for any help.


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I think you may have run into a couple of hardcoded issues. 


1. For sure the Mauritanian names are still there. What I don't understand is why no new names are used. The Mauritanian element should have been diluted quite a bit. DId you set any nation to the Atlantean language? 

2-5. This is possibly due to special rules for Turkish teams/players, i.e. dual-nats are presumed to be ethnic Turks. Not official but something I've noticed and I know there were a few complaints about dual-nats being ethnic German etc in earlier versions of the game. Therefore IMO there is anecdotal evidence this is hardcoded. 

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