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so this is my AC Milan starting 11. Im in my second season 2019/2020 and doing well so far. After 15 games, im very much in the title race. Im also the current Italian cup champion.

I guess due to my philosophy, my more technically gifted strikers dont score goals. And as a result, I have felt the need to go with Borini mainly for his experience and great mentality towards the game.

My 1sy choice striker however, is Mario Mandzukich. He just returned from injury and i have been playing him regularly for the past few games. No goals yet, but im more concerned about his match fitness for now.

Anyway, what do yall think?


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One-dimensionality of roles and duties on the flanks is something I generally don't like (you have the combination of FBatt and IFsu on both flanks), because it makes your play fairly predictable and thus easier for opposition to defend against. The one good thing though is a natural overlap that is achieved in that way, but then again - your right flank is defensively too exposed with nobody covering for the attacking fullback (and the situation on the left is also not much better).

In the transition phase, I would like to know what's your reason for not using counter-attacks?

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