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Has anyone been able to create a tactic yet that mimics how Utd are now playing under Solskjaer, there has been a bit more of a sample size in terms of games so interested to see what wiser minds from this forum's take on it.


Also would be interested if anyone has come up with what you might call a "tradition Man Utd" tactic. Solskjaer coming back into the club has led to a lot of comments about Utd being back playing in their traditional manner with Gary Neville saying "No one should ever be allowed to enter Manchester United Football Club ever again and adopt a different philosophy to the one the club has." I would class Utd's tradition as quick/fast attacking play with wingers and width played by younger players with flair and no fear. 


Perhaps the classic Utd tactic and the Solskjaer tactic are one in the same but I would always associate Classic Utd with a 442, flying wingers and attacking full backs. It would have a striker that drops off the front ala Cantona/Yorke/Sheringham. Where's Ole's tactic is a 433 with Lingard roaming on the right, Matrial cutting inside on the left, width being provided by the full backs and Pogba given a lot of licence to get forward from centre midfield.


Anyway enough of me rambling on, has anyone been able to create anything such as the above? If so, could you share or direct me to where i can see it? (I'm sure that if anyone has created something similar, then they will want to create/or will have already create a thread of their own)

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