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HELP! Stadium name change

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Hi, sorry not sure where to post this query so apologies if in the wrong place. I was wondering is it no longer possible to change the name of a newly built stadium within a save? I did a google search a found a how to, but it hasn't worked.

A brief overview to what I have done:

I created a lnc file named stadium with this text "STADIUM_NAME_CHANGE" 98047531 "Stadio del Venezia" ""

I then placed said file in the folder of which the save was started. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\data\database\db\1901\lnc

Restarted game, cleared cache and nothing.

Any advice would be massively appreciated. 

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Most likely the lnc file can't find the id number 98047531. I'm far from an expert on this but I wonder if the id number is unique or if it's used by several editor files. 

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