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Hi guys,

writing here as I am extremely frustrated with my second season with FM 19.

I'm playing with Marseille in Ligue 1 and I have a really dominant team with immense young players (Olmo, Luiz Felipe, Pedro, Pedrinho, etc.).

Since this is Ligue 1, the only side which can really compete on paper is PSG!

Anyway, I've finished second behind Paris, just one point behind with a very decent 87pts, however what concerns me is the way I'm losing points: the scenario pretty much always the same and there's not much to do about it.

So, I drew 8 games and lost 4 and let me go into the details of these with the one I consider unfair in bold:

- Bordeaux, away: fair 0 - 0

- Clermont, home: 1 - 1 (33 shots, 12 on target, 1 on the post for me, 6 and 2 on target for them)

- Guingamp, away: fair 1 - 2 which could also have been a draw

- Dijon, home: 0 - 0 (20 shots, 8 on target, 2 on the post for me, 2 and 1 on target for them)

- Amiens, home: 1 - 1 (20 shots, 7 on target for me, 2 and 1 on target for them)

- Rennes, away: 0 - 1 (33 shots, 6 on target, 1 on the post for me, 4 and 1 on target for them)

- Bordeaux, home: 1 - 1 (25 shots, 10 on target, 1 on the post for me, 3 and 1 on target for them)

- Strasbourg, away: 1 - 2 could have been a draw or even me winning but fairly open game and this is football!

- Le Havre, home: 0 - 0 (23 shots, 7 on target, 1 on the post for me, 1 and 0 on target for them)

- Lyon, away: 1 - 1 fair draw, Lyon could have even have won

- Dijon, away: 1 - 1 (12 shots, 7 on target, 1 on the post for me, 6 and 2 on target for them)

- Nantes, away: 0 - 1 (16 shots, 5 on target, 3 on the post for me, 2 and 1 on target for them)

This last game is the most frustrating as it was the very last of the season, I was top of the leage and lost after hitting the post 3 times and I only conceded an own goal giving the title to Paris...

During the whole season I've dominated all the games I won with 60%  ball possession in average, the second best attack and the best defence of the league, even winning against Paris home and away dominating them 5 - 1 and 3 - 0 so i can't really say that this phenomenon happens also in my favor.

I also noticed that my strikers have not scored consistently at all during this season, despite playing with a very similar tactic than last season when they were scoring loads.


Conclusion: this all seems to me like the AI had decided to ruin my season and  I'm completely helpless and frustrated. 

Let me know if this happens to you as well.

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Welcome to the forums.  The AI has not decided to ruin your season- it uses the same match engine that you do.  Looking at your problems, I suggest that you head over to the Tactics forum, have a read at some of their guides and then open a new thread with as much detail as you can about your team, your formation and your player and team instructions and the experts in there can give you some pointers to help.

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