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Player promise ultimatum while on international duty

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I was playing yesterday day and as happens from time to time I had a disgruntled player not happy about his playing time, no big deal promise more 1st team football in the next few weeks. But then he went to play in the Asia games in January, I thought champion, a bit extra time to sort this all out. Nope. Transfer window shuts and get an email saying can't believe I went back on my promise blah blah blah, HE'S STILL ON INTERNATIONAL DUTY. I now have a player hell bent on leaving and disrupting the already wafer thin team morale, it being NUFC there wasn't much to start with... 

Hopefully this can be sorted so it doesn't happen to anyone else



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Hi @chriskirkup86, could you provide us with a save from just before you make the promise to your player? Also, if you could provide a save perhaps just before the promise is due to expire?

If you are unsure how to do so, please follow the link below:


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