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Lord Rowell

Greyed out ball in FA Cup ties on TV

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Posted (edited)

This is a weird one.

My FA Cup ties thus far against Mansfield and Rochdale have both been televised. In both of these games, you'll see the ball is very dark and difficult to see. It looks like a shadow, but it is the ball I think.

All camera views have the same problem. Only in 2D classic does the ball show.

This hasn't happened for any other matches thus far, only these FA Cup televised fixtures.

Version of FM is image.thumb.jpeg.d37bb4202b7ce86caae8081a50efbb21.jpeg

2 x PKMs attached of the relevant games.

I will also upload my save to the cloud, its LR 070119 Sunderland - confirmed as uploaded now.

LR Mansfield v Sunderland.pkm

LR Rochdale v Sunderland.pkm

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Thanks Ben. We've drawn Man City in the 3rd round. A vanishing ball might be a blessing in disguise! :D

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