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Everyone is shooting from long range....

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I could really use some advice regarding my tactics. I am having the issue where almost every player is shooting from long range. This is an example from my latest matches, although most of my matches are like this.


As you can see, most of these are long shots. 90% of the shots that come from within the enemy box are headers from corners or free kicks.

These are the players that do this often (practically everyone in my squad, but these are the most usual suspects):


Teamwork is high enough in all of them, as is Vision and Decisions generally. Some even have the "looks for the pass rather than score" trait. Only the last of them has the "shoots from distance" trait, but he has Decisions 15 and I find it weird that he rarely examines other options.


My tactics:


I try to overload the left flank, so I can exploit spaces on the right with a quick pass. The players that shoot often ironically have the "shoot less often" PI. Also, "Work Ball Into Box" is enabled.


I could really use some advice as I struggle too much with this issue...



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Judging by pictures, it seems to me that the opposition are defending too deep against you, thus simply "inviting" (provoking) your players to try long shots at every opportunity. I cannot say that your tactic in and of itself is the cause of these long shots. So what you need to do is to make a couple of tweaks that would make your tactic better adapted to this ultra-defensive opposition.

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