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Cannot Quick Pick

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Hi @marissa1mei3,

Sorry to hear you're having issues with the quick pick function 

This issue has been reported to us, however as of yet we have been unable to recreate the issue 

Can you see if recruiting a new assistant manager rectifies the issue? 

Alternative  if you can provide us with the save game that would help 

Steps on how to do so are listed below -

Many  Thanks,


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The issue is when you have no head of youth development as seen in the screenshots 



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Hi @zakbrown96,

There doesn't seem to be a consistent trigger for quick pick button disappearing 

@marissa1mei3 has mentioned that they're currently managing an international team. International teams don't have Head of Youth developments therefore in this situation it can't be the trigger. 

I've tried to recreate your issue in house however had no luck. There clearly is an issue with the Quick Pick button so we will monitor it in house and hopefully be able to get the issue to recreate 

We'll keep you informed as soon as we have any further information 




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I’m currently having the same problem.

In 2020 after Euro I was offered the France NT job and the quick pick button was disabled by the game (greyed out). Yes, the NT assistant manager was available (Guy Stéphan).

Then came the Olympic game and the game asked if I want to take over the U23 team or placed an advert for a new manager for the team. Since I took control the France U23 coincidentally the quick pick button was suddenly available and I can use it to pick the main team and U23 team. 

After the Olympic was done, I offered the U23 manager post to one of the ex National Team player. He took the job and the quick pick button back to being greyed out.

This problem doesn’t occur on the club tactical/home screen though (I managed both club and country).

I use iOS 12.1.3 and FMT 19.2.1.

I also had some previous saved games where I also managed France NT after Euro but the quick pick bug wasn’t exist then.

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Hi @Fergumeister,

Appreciate the above information 

As mentioned we're continuing to look into this issue however we are yet to trigger it in house 

Seems like a few people are experiencing the issue when becoming an international manager, so will test this further and let you all know once I have any further information 

Many Thanks,


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Hi @Declan Holbem,

Thank you for your response.

I’m happy to inform you that I no longer have the problem with the quick pick button on the national team screen.

I take a look at my old save where the quick pick button was never an issue and apparently the national team has a position filled for U-21 Assistant Manager while my current save doesn’t have any.

So I offered the U-21 Asst. Manager position to an ex-player and he took it and after that the quick pick button on the national team screen is suddenly working. I include some screen caps below.


1) National team staff member page. I have asst. manager for senior national team but no asst. manager for U-21 national team:



2) The quick pick button on national team page wasn’t working (disabled):



3) I offered the role of France U-21 asst. manager to a staff:



4) Said staff accepted the role as France U-21 asst. manager:



5) National team staff member page after the addition of U21 asst. manager:



6) Hooray, the quick pick button on the national team screen is working and now I can quickly pick the best team for the match!!! 🤣🤣🤣






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