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Jamie Aubrey

Trying to regen a son, it might be broken

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Not sure if this is the right section for this but I've been at it for 3 days, reloading to try and generate a son in game and NOTHING, I know its a one in 10,000 chance but reloading for 6+ hours ( yeah I have no life lol ) for 3 days and nothing, surely it must be bugged 

I already have 1 son so I know that it works he just doesn't want to appear in game


My manager is 40 atm and managing in Scotland, my club has about 10 affiliates and 4/5 let me bring in regens so I dunno if this plays a factor, the closest I got was a Frenchman with the 2nd name Aubry but wasn't classed as my son, I know people would just say use the editor but that's not the same  

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18 hours ago, Alix.Humphries said:

Hi @Jamie Aubrey could we get the save your reloading so we can investigate the issue further. Thanks


I no longer have the save before the intake, I could have a save for the next intake, in a couple of hours if this would help 


Here is a save just before the next intake https://www.mediafire.com/file/y5fiz7z1bee6f47/Jamie_Aubrey_-_Clyde.fm/file

Edited by Jamie Aubrey
Adding link to save game file

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