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Watching Goalkeeper Highlights bug

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Hi all, 


I love watching some good saves in real life and I love to watch my goalkeeper pull off some great saves in FM but I can't find an easy way to watch them in FM19? In previous FM's you could go to game stats after the game and click on each save and watch the highlight of the save. This was not ideal but it worked. In this game, however, if I go to analysis-shots and unclick my team I can choose to watch the highlight of one save but it starts the game from the beginning, not from the highlight. Also, there is no way to get back to the analysis-shots page without starting the whole process again.  

For example, right now I have a young English goalkeeper regen who I am excited about and he made 11 saves against Arsenal and I just want to find an easy way to watch those 11 saves. 

Anyone know if tips or could help? 



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Cant you click the opposition shots in analysis, select saved shots and hover over each on the pitch and click the mouse over option for watch highlight? Or is this what you mean you are already doing?

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