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FM17 closing without message on a specific date

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I'm playing with some custom databases, but I've tried to remove all leagues. First I've removed all the other leagues, them I've quit my current club and remove that league, but the problem still persists. I know reading other posts that it is probably a database error, but there is some way to recover my save? I've spent so many hours in it!

The things I've tried:

- Clear Cache

- Remove all custom graphics and reload skin

- Run in other PC

- Delete all leagues from the game

- Retire my coach

- Make a clear installation from Steam and run the game

- Use a backup file from an in-game month to the specific date that the problem occurs 


I'm running version 17.3.2f970983 (m.e v1704).


I've uploaded the save saved at the day before the crash at the FTP with the name HerbertSalazar-ExitSpecificDate.fm

I'm also sending my DxDiag.txt

And Here a .dmp file that I found, that is generated when the game closes.


Sorry for my bad english. And with solution or not, I wish you all happy new year! :)


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Date-specific crashes are almost always caused by errors in the database and you look like you have carried out all the fixes that I would have suggested.  I doubt that there is much that can be done now, I am sorry to say.

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