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Hi Guys,

Quick one for you - in FM 18 toward the end of my save the game would often unexpectedly pause - the only way to unpause was to press windows key, which would then see the screen flick and play resume. would happen in game after a sub, goal etc. not very frequent but still enough to notice

Got FM 19, cant move forward a day, click into a profile, search a player, move on a highlight in game, make a sub etc etc without game pausing on same screen. Press windows and it works fine. Getting very tiresome, really affecting my enjoyment. 

Is there anything I can do to eradicate this, or even get bit down to 1 /2 situations an hour where I have to press the windows key?


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Okay to confirm, are you running the game in Full Screen mode? If so, if you change it to 'Windowed' via the in-game preferences, do you encounter the same issue? Please give it a try and let us know.

Also just to confirm, do you have any kind of anti-virus program installed? If so, what type? 

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