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[FM19] Check me back into the Asylum - San Giovanni take 872

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Youth Intake Day!



6'5, decent pace and finishing? Get yourself upfront, lad!



Looks quite decent.



15 passing!

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On 23/12/2018 at 00:24, Bedese said:

List of Targets:

Something that I'm adding onto this year is a list of mini-targets to achieve. I'll be adding to these when I think of more, but these are the ones for now:


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Club Targets:

  • They have legs! - Score a goal.   Achieved 30/9/2018 - Virtus 4-0 San Giovanni, Campionato Sammarinese
  • They have arms! - Keep a clean sheet.  Achieved 30/9/2018 - Virtus 4-0 San Giovanni, Campionato Sammarinese
  • The prize is a tin pot - Win the cup.  
  • Champions of... uhh..  Win the league.  
  • Here to play - Win a European game.   
  • Dominant! - Go unbeaten in a league season.  
  • Here to stay - Make the Europa League groups.   
  • If only it was in a real league - Have a player average over an 8.00 on the season.   
  • Name recognition - Make the top 100 leagues reputation wise. 
  • Household names - Be a top 200 ranked club.  
  • Eye on the prize - Have a player score 50 in a season.
  • Even more dominant - Win every league game in a season.
  • We're for real - Make the Champions League groups.
  • Bring it on - Make the knockouts of a European tournament.
  • Yeah, not happening - Win the Europa League.
  • HAHAHAHA - Win the Champions League.
  • He's from where? - Develop a world class player through our academy.
  • But that's not a real league... - Have a player win the European golden boot.
  • More name recognition - Make the top 50 leagues reputation wise.
  • Still going... - Make the top 25 leagues reputation wise.
  • Top ten! - Make the top 10 leagues reputation wise.
  • Five... - Make the top 5 leagues reputation wise.
  • We made it. - Be the number one ranked league in the world.
  • Scaring the big boys - Be a top 100 ranked club.
  • Getting there... - Be a top 50 ranked club.
  • Scared yet? - Be a top 25 ranked club.
  • Stealing from Arsenal - Be a top 4 ranked club.
  • Number one - Be the top ranked club in the world.


National Team Targets:

  • That wasn't meant to happen - score a goal.     Achieved 12/10/2018 - San Marino 1-3 Moldova, UEFA Nations League D Group 2
  • Historic - Win a competitive game.     Achieved 15/10/2018 - Luxembourg 1-2 San Marino, UEFA Nations League D Group 2
  • The great Titani(c) wall - Keep a clean sheet.      Achieved 12/6/2020 - Liechtenstein 0-1 San Marino, Friendly
  • Mr Reliable - Have a player become the record capholder for San Marino.    
  • The next Andy Selva - Have a player become the new record goalscorer for San Marino.    
  • The next Andy Selva 2.0 - Have a player score a hatrick in a game.   
  • Revenge - Break Thomas Muller's legs (okay, probably not actually this one).
  • Riot at Wembley - Score a goal against England.
  • Who's laughing now? - Beat England.
  • We're here too - Score a goal against Italy.
  • Neighbours from hell - Beat Italy.
  • I hate you - Get Married (Kidding. Become an enemy of the current England manager).
  • Progress - Finish not last in a qualifying campaign.
  • We're going to... Uzbekistan? - Qualify for the finals of a major tournament.
  • Keep on going - Reach the knockouts of a major tournament.
  • This is for you, Wales - Reach the Semi-Finals of a major tournament.
  • This is for you, Andy - Have a player top score at a major tournament.
  • Champions of Europe - Win the Euros.
  • WORLD CHAMPIONS - Win the World Cup.


Looks like you alrea


On 26/12/2018 at 12:40, Bedese said:

Youth Intake Day!


Well then :D 







Looks like you found your next Selva!!

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1 minute ago, WillHoward42 said:

Looks like you alrea


Looks like you found your next Selva!!




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Season Review





I might need to start playing the games instead of leaving it to my assistant, because this was a terrible showing.







Other Teams: Murata lost 3-0 to TNS from Wales in the First Preliminary Qualifying Round for the Champions League. Cosmos lost 4-1 to RFS from Latvia in the EL Prelimary Qualifying Round but Juvenes Dogana beat Riga (also from Latvia) 3-2 before going out 6-0 to Tallinna FC Flora from Estonia.

Next year: We really should be looking to push for Europe by now.

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Youth Intake Day!


Well, our defense is a lot stronger now!



3 balance? Please nobody push him when he goes up for a header...





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