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oche balboa

How do you play your game?

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Current main save I play at home:

S. Africa, China, USA, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil (top flight only), England (2nd tier) and Germany (3rd tier)

Large db but also used a custom option to add players of Continental rep from all continents as well. 

3D all the way. Sideline cam, zoomed out. 

Absolutely no idea how long a season takes. Play all matches on 'Extended' (yes even friendlies) so imagine it's quite a while. Game time is currently 15 days 17 hours and am in December 2023. You figure it out :D 

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1) All of Oceania

2) Large but extra players from other continents (Doing my own Challenge)

3) 2D but watch 3d for replays 

4) Depends really, I leave FM on when i'm not playing 

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